Too Far?? Too Late?? - A Punk Audio Zine From Richmond Virginia (March 2014)

Listen/Download on Bandcamp Here:

Info: Every show I go to in Richmond I record. I’ve been doing this since October of 2013. This is my first attempt to do something with them. All bands here are local, as are the venues. I hope to do another one soon with more of our awesome bands.

Richmond rules.

Time Shifting #6 (February 2014) - 32pg (Sorry they all won’t fit on tumblr)

Time Shifting #5 (January 2014) - 20pg

Time Shifting #4 (December 2013) - 12pg

This is the inside fold-out for my zine, Summer of 2013.


This is the inside fold-out for my zine, Summer of 2013.

Summer of 2013 (August 2013)

This zine was made for a zine exchange where 20 people each made zines with the theme “summer”. All were in the instant zine format. This also had a full 8.5x11 inside which is here.

I shot this movie on super 8 in November of 2013, it is called Progenitor. I shot it on a single roll of film, all in camera editing. I also hand developed it. For having done all that I think it turned out really well.

The movie is about a black metal farmer who comes across these seeds to regrow the tree from the Garden of Eden. He learns that he needs blood to grow it, and kills an animal. Spreading the blood on the seed the tree grows magically. He plucks the fruit and eats it. He is then transferred to a more sinful darker world to reside in.

I have a feature length version in mind, one day…

Time Shifting #3 (November 2013) - 16pg

Cover/Back art by: Born Deformed

Holy Shit My Job Is Dangerous! (October 2013) - 8p

Time Shifting #2 (October 2013) - 8pg